Volume 1: Book 1 – Sin in the Second City – Karen Abbott

About the Author: Karen Abbott

How I Came Across This Book: I was in college and wandering around a Barnes & Noble (I think) when I came across a stack of this title, all copies signed by the author (cool!) AND on sale.  I bought two copies, one for myself and the other for my parents who really enjoyed reading Devil in the White City (a book I have still managed not to read 😟). 

How far I got last time I read this book: Page 87. This does not speak to the quality of the book.  Just to my attention span at the time coupled with my college reading list. 

Before: I am so excited that this is the first book I’ll be reading for this scary-long project. It peaks my interest and is a history of my hometown. I think it’s the perfect book to start with and hopefully it’ll set the tone for the rest of this project. 

During: TBW. 

After: TBW.